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Roua Jbr Kasem

TV and Radio Presenter and Voice Over Artist

About Me

I Empower Brands to Shine and Thrive in the Digital Sphere​

With a deep understanding of applications and software integral to the field, such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, and other social media management tools, I seamlessly orchestrate and optimize brand presence across various social media channels.

In my projects, I leverage these platforms to curate compelling content, schedule posts for optimal reach, analyze performance metrics, and implement targeted advertising campaigns. Additionally, I actively monitor and respond to comments and messages, foster community engagement, and stay informed about emerging trends and best practices to ensure continuous growth and success in the ever-evolving social media landscape.

What I do

From understanding your requirements, designing a blueprint and delivering the final product, I do everything that falls in between these lines.


Designing and implementing targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions.

Online Content Creator

Developing high-quality, visually appealing, and engaging content across various platforms, including posts, images, videos, infographics, and more, to establish a strong brand identity and resonate with your audience.

Presenter, Host & Voice Over

Offering captivating and professional performances, providing you with an engaging event facilitator, a versatile voice-over artist, or a charismatic host to elevate your content and ensure a memorable experience.


Strategic Thinking
Excellent Communication
Visual Design
Voice Modulation
Public Speaking
Acting and Performance
Analytics and Insights
Customer Service
Time Management
Script Interpretation


  • English
  • Arabic


Bachelor Degree in English Translation, Tishreen University (2006 – 2009)

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My Experience

02/2023 – 06/2023

For ALL Tourism, UAE

Social Media Specialist & Arabic Content Writer

As a social media manager and content creator, I create and manage social media accounts, overseeing all aspects of their management, from strategizing and curating content to ensuring its timely delivery. Additionally, I create compelling and engaging content, tailoring it to various platforms to maximize audience reach and interaction.

02/2020 – 01/2023

CloudSoft, Cyprus

Social Media Specialist

I developed and implemented comprehensive social media strategies, managing and overseeing content across multiple platforms. I created engaging content for various campaigns, maximizing audience engagement and contributing to increased brand visibility.

11/2018 – 01/2020

International Company
For Investment, Syria

Social Media Manager

I demonstrated strong writing and editing skills in preparing and refining reports on various topics, ensuring accuracy and quality in the final deliverables. Additionally, I took charge of managing the company's social media accounts, overseeing content creation, scheduling, and engaging with the audience to foster meaningful interactions and cultivate a strong online presence. Through my contributions, I successfully enhanced the company's communication strategies across multiple channels, driving brand visibility and fostering connections with key stakeholders.

01/2016 – 01/2018

Radio Arabesque, Syria

Presenter & Voice Over

In my previous role, I showcased my skills as a versatile media professional by preparing and presenting diverse on-air programs, delivering engaging content to captivate audiences. I also took on the responsibility of preparing and presenting daily news segments, providing timely and informative updates. Additionally, I served as a live on-air reporter, covering conferences and exhibitions, delivering real-time reports and ensuring comprehensive event coverage.

08/2015 – 01/2016

Ninar FM, Syria

Presenter & Editor

In my previous role, I excelled as a media professional by presenting and preparing political reports, delivering insightful analysis and updates to inform the audience. Additionally, I successfully registered various types of media advertisements, ensuring effective promotion and outreach. Furthermore, I served as a live on-air reporter, providing comprehensive coverage of conferences and exhibitions, delivering real-time updates and capturing the essence of the events.

02/2012 – 06/2015

Syria Medical
Channel, Syria

Presenter & Content Writer

In my previous role, I demonstrated my expertise as a media professional by preparing and presenting engaging programs on air, delivering captivating content to the audience. Additionally, I successfully registered a variety of media advertisements, ensuring effective promotion and outreach for the company. Furthermore, I played a key role in creating content for the latest news, staying up-to-date with current events and producing relevant and compelling news stories.

04/2007 – 01/2012

Alfurat Newspaper, Syria

Editor & Content writer

In my previous role, I served as a reporter and editor for news, covering a wide range of topics and ensuring accurate and timely reporting. Additionally, I took charge of preparing and editing private reports on various subjects, ensuring quality and precision in conveying important information to internal stakeholders.


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Dubai, UAE

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